Engagement photo session at the Salagou lake

This engagement session in the middle of nature takes place in a place barely known by the population: the Salagou Lake. 

Hidden jewel of the south of France, this unique and uncommon site is only a few dozen kilometers from Montpellier. 

The Salagou lake is an untamed land, isolated and rich in contrasts: nature has reclaimed its rights and a robust flora and swarms of wild birds have made their home there. 

An ancient volcano towers over it and its red sandstone, so similar to the Australian Outback, has witnessed ancient eras. What could be more inspiring for a wedding photographer than the singularity of this secret territory? I like to make you dive with me in this universe of vertiginous majesty.

A magical photo reportage at the Salagou lake


Immersed in this timeless walk, Marion and Tom entered in harmony with this landscape. The couple rediscovered themselves during a few rhythmic steps. Dazzling, they are the main actors rehearsing their first dance. Witnesses of the scene, the curves of the discreet and wild nature match with the red and sandy earth. A moment of harmony that sends them back to their D-day.

Radiantly moving under my lens, Marion and Tom walk towards the shore.

The sincerity and tenderness of their exchanges are touching. Echoing the purity of their love, the waters of the lake sparkle with the last rays of the sun. Their vows, distilled in their smiles and embraces, reside on the waving reflections. Enveloped in this end-of-the-world setting, the ardor of the place now flows through their veins.

A photo session in the southwest of France

The steps of our couple lead them in the neighboring fields, premises of a famous soil, watered by the Salagou and authentic pictures of the Mediterranean countryside. The picturesque haystacks, these wide-open spaces, evoke the hushed loves narrated by the novels and songs of the last century. 

Marion stands out in her delicate white dress, wearing a lovely straw hat. Tom as well, in his white shirt, seems to have inherited the demeanor of the men of that time. The lovers contemplate each other and continue their stroll. The old ochre stones on this panorama with evanescent luminosity offer a shelter to their kisses and their bursts of laughter. A sublime photo session.

The last minutes of this session...

It is the end of a prelude, of an extraordinary photo session at the edge of the Lake of Salagou. The magic of the lake goes away while the feelings of Marion and Tom continue to bloom.

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