Engagement Session on the beach of Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat

French Riviera shooting !

For their engagement session, Chloé and Matthias start their day at the gates of Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat. The emblematic peninsula, the flower of Destination Wedding, the second dream haven for a wedding photographer whose place was once the refuge of artists. Nestled in the pine forest, it is distinguished by the presence of a plethora of sumptuous mansions. Thus crowned, it shows itself worthy of the splendor of the French Riviera and has nothing to envy to its close neighbor, the Principality of Monaco, a monument of pomp, located a stone’s throw away.

Engagement shoot at the foot of Villa Ephrussi

At the foot of the Villa Ephrussi takes place the interview of our lovers, the refinement of the Belle Époque is combined with an enchanting clarity. It is the dream setting for our bride-to-be whose delicate and sublime femininity, blooms in a bouquet of pastel shades. Chloe, in her vaporous dawn-colored dress, is reminiscent of those of ancient Greek goddesses. The undeniable presence of Monsieur is equal to the charm of his beloved. Ready to join her, Matthias has all the leisure to assert his elegance under my lens while waiting for his beauty.

A few moments later, Chloe nestled in the arms of her fiancé, smiles at his tender confidence. Eye to eye, they seem amazed, as if their passion has just been born. In the shade of the maritime pines, their complicity is a precious manifestation of the bond that unites them. As a professional wedding photographer, I capture the moment and I am the silent witness of their promises.

A couple sessions near the water...

Finally, the couple ventures to the water’s edge, where all the beauty of Cap Ferrat bursts with dazzling white beaches and the murmurs of the Mediterranean. In this azure and translucent water, the coves are dotted with marine criste.

Conquered, Chloe takes off her shoes to taste the warmth of the pristine sand. Barefoot, next to her future husband, her grace merges with the ethereal harmony of the place.

The bouquet

The bouquet made by Laetitia Ricci, floral artist, is a symbol of passion and commitment mixed, This exquisite composition of ivory, white and multiple shades of roses brings the ideal softness and refinement to the scene. Peach, powdery, dragee, fuchsia are revealed in a changing watercolor, allied to light. The whole thing is tied with a ribbon elegantly matched to Chloe’s dress.

When it is launched, the ruffles are lifted with lightness and take on a floral look. Peony, rose or lotus? Subtly wrapped in this tailor-made fabric by Marion Fera whose shades blend with her skin, Chloe seems to have been born by the Mediterranean.

Matthias, with his limpid eyes, wears a suit whose light color harmonizes with the marine limestone. In communion with the island of Cap Ferrat, he walks towards Chloé, joining her in silence, anchored and thoughtful. 

The last moments of this session...

This engagement session is coming to an end soon, as well as these hours suspended under the sun of the French Riviera.

While waiting to break the charm of this couple photo shoot, the lovers, all to their reveries, move away on the pier. This is how this beautiful summer evening ends.

Our beautiful team :

Photographer : Laura Gelfged

Host : Christophe Serrano

Wedding Planner : Laetitia Caroline

Wedding & Floral designer : Ricci Floral Creation 

Decoration Assistant : Pièces uniques location

Make-up : Amandine Poisson

Assistant Photographer : Matt Kobi

Fashion Designer : Marion Fera 

Suits:  Accord Parfait

Couple : Chloé & Matthias

Shoes : Bella belle shoes

Jewelry : Atelier Sarah aime & Shoko creation accessoires 


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