Photo session : 10 tips for your best love session

Share an unforgettable moment with your partner by preparing your photo session as well as possible thanks to these 10 tips from a professional photographer stylist.

1. Choose the right location for your photo session

Choosing the right place is always tricky. Here are 4 possible choices:

Have you ever turned down a romantic getaway?

Sometimes distance can be a drag. However, if the trip is your dream destination this is your chance! The price is often similar to a trip to Venice or another place in Europe.

Most couples don’t want to make too big a trip, but making a 2-hour drive or flight to go to an incredible and unusual setting can turn out to be a great experience.

You will be able to share an amazing moment during a romantic getaway with your sweetheart at the same time. In addition, you will be in great energy for your couple or engagement photo session!

Choose a place that makes sense to you !

Did you meet for the first time in a nice place? You are bound to take a completely different look at this place. The photographer will immerse himself in the place to tell your story and that of your meeting.

For example: you met your partner at a train station. If the station is beautiful, why not do part of the photo session at this specific place?

Depending on the season!

Depending on the season and the region, your photo session can be carried out in a field of wheat, lavender, poppies or tulips. These are great places to do a photoshoot. If you are snow lovers, do your session in winter, in a mountain chalet.

Discover more pictures of this love session here !

Feet in the water!

Why not do a couple or pregnancy photo shoot in the water? This brings another dimension to the photographs. In this case, going to a beach or by the sea will be the best option as soon as the weather is nice. If you want to be photographed in winter, you can book a bright villa with a heated pool.


Avoid the parks near your home. It’s often crowded and you’ll get pretty basic photos. Unless it’s a beautiful botanical garden or the gardens of Versailles, I generally do not recommend it.

2 - Get inspired by Pinterest and Instagram

Look at social networks! This will help you define the type of images you want and determine the location.

The professional photographer is not the only one who has to prepare his session.

Send him inspirations that you like or shots that you dream of doing. He will be happy to meet your expectations and will see with you what is feasible or not.

Be careful, I advise you to target 10 inspirations maximum. Thus, the session will not take place in « to do list » mode 😅 !

3 - The time of the session

For my part, I carry out all the couple sessions at the end of the day. This gives you time to prepare and I can enjoy a softer, less contrasting light: the light of the Golden Hour! It lasts between 20 minutes in winter and a few hours in summer.

4 - A comfortable outfit

Ladies, do not choose a short skirt in which you do not feel completely comfortable. You need to be able to sit, jump and breathe comfortably in your outfit.

5 - The accessories

For women, I recommend taking accessories such as a scarf, jewelry, a hat, a scarf and a nice bag that matches your outfit and that of your darling.

On the other hand, for men I recommend a beautiful watch, a beautiful belt and nice shoes. Accessories that look like you!

6 - Makeup

I invite you to make a makeup that looks like you.

If you are generally natural, accentuate the eyes a little and put on a little nude lipstick.

On the contrary, be careful not to overdo it when you like makeup. You might be disappointed with the result on the photos. I advise you  to not put eyeliner around your eyes because it will make small eyes in photos.

Two options: do your own makeup or hire a professional.

For the second option, ask your photographer for advice in advance. He works with makeup professionals and will guide you in the best way, according to your budget. Remember to plan a make-up budget.

9- No prints, no tiles and no lines. Plain clothes are the basis!

Prints, patterns, plaid shirts and lines are often mistakes of taste. Depending on the location of the couple photoshoot, you may not match aesthetically with the environment.

The only place where lines can be aesthetically pleasing is at the sea.

Choose clothes of solid colors! Here is a useful Pinterest board :

Wear a color that you like and that suits you! Think about your favorite color, you know the one that will go well with your skin tone?

Why not a gorgeous short or long dress?

For example: if you have blue eyes, white or blue are colors that make them stand out! For green eyes, it will be green!

For a session at the sea: wear pastel colors or in blue tones. Avoid bright red.


You can also synchronize the makeup session with the hairdresser session (and/or barber for men). Thus, you will not need to take care of your hair and you will be beautiful and ready for the session.

You are getting married? Do your hair and make-up tests on the same day. Be careful, to plan wide at the timing level. It always takes longer than expected.

8 - Match with your partner !

Ladies, ask your partner what he or she wants to wear for the photo shoot.

Since men’s wardrobes are often smaller, it is easier to match with their outfit.

Gentlemen, remember to put on a nice shirt, we avoid the simple t-shirt. Even better, put on your best costume! It will make all the difference

In summary: A comfortable outfit + accessories + outfits that match together.

10 - After reading these tips and having found the ideal outfit, get it validated by your photographer 1 week before the D-day to feel 100% ready For your photo shoot!

​In summary :

Take the time to choose a place that you like!

Match your outfits and put on comfortable clothes, which look like you and preferably, PLAIN. Don’t forget the little accessories that make all the difference.

Before making an appointment for the photo shoot, coordinate the appointment with the hairdresser and/or make-up artist.

Do you want to create memories with a couple photo sessions or an engagement session?

Contact me for the session of your dreams, I will capture your love!

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