Wedding in Brussels: in the heart of art nouveau


Let’s head to my hometown, beautiful Brussels, for an international wedding through the iconic squares and buildings of its city center. 

Brussels has a rich architectural heritage which makes it an inspiring and grand place. 

Being originally from Brussels, it is a return to my roots and a declaration of love to my city that I was able to achieve through this couple’s photo session. My bride and groom wanted images of the city where they met. 

It was a joy to be part of this wedding in Brussels.

A majestic setting


Delicate, international and sweet are the words I would choose to describe the couple of Katarina and Fabio. 

After a civil ceremony on the Grand Place, the couple headed to the royal palace, jewel of the city.

The royal family does not live inside, but it is the administrative residence and workplace of our king! Together hand in hand, they discover the garden of this splendid place. The atmosphere is magical. 

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On the royal square, they take a few moments together surrounded by a fantastic architectural environment. The mythical musical instrument museum is visible in the background. 

At the foot of the St. James-on-Coudenberg Cathedral, the two lovers are alone in the world, a scene worthy of a fairy tale. This neoclassical building was built in 1776 and will remain so until 1849. We can only marvel at this building.

The bride and groom’s walk takes them to Leopold Park, a magnificent green space with a medieval tower from the 15th century. 

After this royal stopover, they head to the European Commission, their final destination. This place is essential to their wedding, it is the starting point of their story.

An international couple

Katarina comes from Slovakia and Fabio from Brazil. As distant as these two destinations may be, it is in the heart of Brussels that our two lovers met for the first time during a joint project within the European Commission.  

Getting married in the Belgian capital was therefore an obvious choice!

This international couple testifies to the cosmopolitan dimension of Brussels. As the European capital, it allows people from all over the world to meet. 

This is the end of Katarina and Fabio’s magnificent photo session. 

From their first meeting to their wedding, Brussels is the city of their love, of their heart. 

This getaway  in the streets of the capital was a unique moment for the couple that will remain forever engraved in their memory. 

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An engagement session? 4 good reasons to realize one


Have you thought about having an engagement session before your wedding? Beyond the beautiful images you will get, this couple photo session has many advantages.

1 - Gain confidence in front of the camera

Have you ever posed in front of a camera? It is not a simple exercise!

An engagement session is the ideal way to gain confidence in front of the lens and different cameras. Your photographer will be able to give you advice and help you pose naturally and with confidence. On your wedding day, you won’t have time to try anything. You will just want to go back to your guests. Depending on the schedule, some will have 15 minutes, while others will have 1 hour.

If you are tense or stressed it will show on the pictures, that is why I highly recommend the engagement session. You will completely forget the cameras and your wedding pictures will be more beautiful 🙂

2 - You get to know your photographer

On the day of your wedding, you need to be serene in front of the camera but also confident with your photographer. By doing an engagement session, you will be able to discover your photographer in action: his working method, his style, his personality etc.

It is always easier to pose with someone you know than with a stranger. Your photographer should be a friend on the day, you should feel at ease in his presence. Moreover, he will be able to discover your couple beforehand which will allow him to transcribe your love in pictures in the most beautiful way. For you, it is also the occasion to verify that the style of the photographer really suits you and corresponds to your expectations for your wedding.

3 - "save the date" pictures for your invitations

Whether in paper or digital format, it is always nice to receive a lovely invitation. With an engagement session, you will get beautiful pictures of your couple that you can share with your guests to announce your wedding.

The stationery has its importance for your wedding photographer, it can allow him to make beautiful pictures of details. A beautiful photo of your couple can make the difference. Beyond the invitations, you can also display these photos in your reception area.

4 - An unforgettable moment with your partner

The goal of an engagement session is to capture your love. This unique day will remain engraved in your memory and prepare you for your big day! It is an opportunity to get together, to take a break for a day and share a moment of complicity together.
I often do the engagement sessions for my future brides and grooms outside, during the golden hour, because I like the softness of the light. See with your photographer the place that suits you best. 

This session is also the way to tell the story of your couple, I advise you to choose an idyllic place that makes you both dream (for example: at the beach, during a city-trip, a botanical garden or a place dear to your eyes) 

                                                                                      I invite you to discover more information on the places of shooting HERE

I hope that these few advantages have made you want to do an engagement session before your wedding. It is a nice moment to spend with your partner that will allow you to create a complicity with your photographer and to gain confidence in front of the camera. Want more tips for your couple photo session, I invite you to discover this article!


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Engagement photo session in Èze: a small village near Monaco


In an idyllic setting full of charm and elegance, not far from Monaco, Charlotte & Mathieu had their engagement photo session in Èze.

In the perched heights of Èze, we discover a ruined castle housing an incredible exotic botanical garden. 

Sculptures, plants and cactuses compose this green space overlooking the sea. In the heart of this little corner of paradise, the couple was able to discover the beauty of the French Riviera. 

From alley to alley, it is a delight to get lost in this magnificent fortress, with the Mediterranean Sea as only marker. It is a moment out of time that the couple lives together, subjugated by the surrounding nature.

Engagement photo session in Èze

This small intimate village immerses us in an enchanting setting. It makes us wish we could keep it a secret from the rest of the world. Once a medieval fortress, the village is full of narrow streets and picturesque houses that are now home to art galleries.

The Provencal setting and the beauty of the village also make it a prestigious place. Located between Nice and Monaco, Èze is a symbol of the French Riviera and stands out for its exceptional view, green environment and unique architecture.

For this exceptional day, Charlotte was styled by Julien Matha and had her makeup done by Amandine Poisson.

She wore beautiful heels by Bella Belle and jewelry by Sarah Aime and Sho-Ko creation.

Mathieu’s suit is from Accord parfait and Charlotte’s dress was created by fashion designer Marion Fera.

In the heart of the magnificent Botanical Garden

After walking together through the streets of the fortress, Charlotte and Mathieu ended their beautiful engagement photo session at the foot of the botanical garden. This tender moment of complicity ends the session in beauty and closes this exceptional day.

It is a moment full of love and affection. The shining sun revealed a beautiful palette of colors that is displayed in every photograph.

This engagement session is a unique experience for the couple. It is a memory that will remain forever engraved in their memory, but also a foretaste of their big day!

Find the images of their wedding in Beaulieu-sur-Mer HERE

Our wonderful team:

Host Christophe Serrano

Wedding Planner Laetitia Caroline

Wedding & Floral Designer Ricci Floral Creation

Assistant photographer Matt Kobi 

Creation Make up Amandine Poisson

Hair Style Julien Matha

Fashion Designer Marion Fera

Suit Accord Parfait

Shoes Bella Belle Shoes

Couple Charlotte & Matthieu

Jewelry Atelier Sarah Aime

                                                          You want to book an engagement session on the shores of the French Riviera?  Contact me

                                                                                                                  I would be happy to photograph you!

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How to choose your wedding photographer?


6 tips to help you select the right one

Tips from a wedding photographer to help you choose the photographer that suits you.

It is not easy to determine the ideal photographer for your wedding day. Here are 6 tips to help you:


1 - The style of the wedding photographer

Before you start your search, do you know the style that you want for your photos? There are different styles of wedding photography: fine art, moody, contrasting and many others… Each photographer has his own style : his universe ! 

Do you want a bright atmosphere? colorful? dark? contrasting?

I invite you to discuss this with your partner to determine what suits you the best. 

It’s important that the photographer’s style speaks to you, and corresponds to your expectations. Look at his portfolio and/or his social networks to see photos of previous weddings.

This first step will allow you to refine your selection and to contact photographers adapted to your desires. 

2 - The match between the three of you

First contact with a photographer is very important! You need to have a good match. He/she will immortalize the most beautiful day of your life, so you must feel comfortable in his/her presence (or it will show on your pictures). Set up a coffee date, or online, to get to know him/her. 

For my part, I make a discovery call to discuss the different stages of your wedding and to ensure that I will be the right photographer for you.

Since I only do 12 weddings a year, I also choose the weddings I want to do. It is important that your photographer is not a stranger to your wedding.  

3 - The experience of the photographer

Be careful with this point! A landscape photographer is not a wedding photographer!

You can’t improvise yourself as a wedding photographer, it’s a complex exercise that requires mastery of all lights.

We generally speak about 12 hours of service or more! Some weddings last 3 days so it’s very intense and you have to know how to keep the speed and not miss any great moment.

So make sure your photographer has experience in the field before booking him and ask him for a complete portfolio.

Also, does he do weddings because he wants to earn more or because he loves it? There will be a big difference in the final result of your photos. I advise you to take a photographer who is passionate and specialized in weddings. 

4 - Professionalism and foresight

Your photographer must be friendly, but also professional!

When you make your appointment, make sure he or she offers you a wedding contract and read it carefully. The terms of the contract vary from one photographer to another, so it is important to know exactly what you are committing to as well as the services you will be charged for. 

Foresight is also key! On D-Day, many unforeseen events can occur, so your photographer must be prepared and offer solutions (a backup camera, an alternative for the shoot if it rains etc.).

Too many brides and grooms don’t sign a contract because they use an amateur. The photographer may decide to take another wedding and you cancel his service for no reason a few days before the wedding (this happens often!)

Unfortunately, the reason is often financial: the amateur photographer has found a better service so the budget is important. We will also talk about the budget later. 

5 - Don't take a member of your entourage

Your sister is a photographer and you want to choose her for your wedding? I strongly advise you against it! Whether it is a family member or a friend and whether he or she is professional or not, I invite you to choose an outsider. A relative will never be 100% present as a photographer. The result will not be the same and your loved one will not be able to fully enjoy your wedding. 

Moreover, if it’s an amateur or a professional who has never done wedding photos, you may be disappointed with the result (see point 3 on experience). You have only one chance to have this day engraved in images. Even if your guests will take pictures, it will be nothing compared to a professional photographer outside your family.

6 - The budget

Finally, let’s talk about the budget! The pictures of the wedding are your final piece, it is the only thing that will remain of your magnificent day. These photos will be in your home, printed and framed on your walls. It is just as important as your wedding venue. It must be chosen among your first providers and not the last. 

You should not be afraid to invest in a good photographer, especially if you have a crush on his work. When you choose your photographer for his style, you must love him! I invite you to make an appointment with several photographers online or in person (depending on the distance) to see if it’s a good match and if he is motivated by your wedding.

If your budget is tight, there are small sacrifices that can be worth it: fewer guests at the table, a little less champagne or flowers in the decor.

Remember that you are paying for the photographer's style, experience and art, not just the technical work!

 A 500€ photographer is not going to offer you the same technical and artistic work as a 2500€ or more photographer. 

It’s a lot of money but it means a lot of work from the photographer, on location and in post-production. Depending on the photographer, we have a minimum of 1 full week of work after your wedding. Some retouch the skin with photoshop, others not.  Of course it will depend on what you want the look to be. 

Depending on the photographer you choose, you will receive valuable advice to make your big day picture perfect. These beautiful memories will also be for your children.

You are looking for a wedding photographer and you like my style? 

Contact me to see if there is a good connection between us! =)

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Engagement photo session at the Salagou lake


This engagement session in the middle of nature takes place in a place barely known by the population: the Salagou Lake. 

Hidden jewel of the south of France, this unique and uncommon site is only a few dozen kilometers from Montpellier. 

The Salagou lake is an untamed land, isolated and rich in contrasts: nature has reclaimed its rights and a robust flora and swarms of wild birds have made their home there. 

An ancient volcano towers over it and its red sandstone, so similar to the Australian Outback, has witnessed ancient eras. What could be more inspiring for a wedding photographer than the singularity of this secret territory? I like to make you dive with me in this universe of vertiginous majesty.

A magical photo reportage at the Salagou lake


Immersed in this timeless walk, Marion and Tom entered in harmony with this landscape. The couple rediscovered themselves during a few rhythmic steps. Dazzling, they are the main actors rehearsing their first dance. Witnesses of the scene, the curves of the discreet and wild nature match with the red and sandy earth. A moment of harmony that sends them back to their D-day.

Radiantly moving under my lens, Marion and Tom walk towards the shore.

The sincerity and tenderness of their exchanges are touching. Echoing the purity of their love, the waters of the lake sparkle with the last rays of the sun. Their vows, distilled in their smiles and embraces, reside on the waving reflections. Enveloped in this end-of-the-world setting, the ardor of the place now flows through their veins.

A photo session in the southwest of France

The steps of our couple lead them in the neighboring fields, premises of a famous soil, watered by the Salagou and authentic pictures of the Mediterranean countryside. The picturesque haystacks, these wide-open spaces, evoke the hushed loves narrated by the novels and songs of the last century. 

Marion stands out in her delicate white dress, wearing a lovely straw hat. Tom as well, in his white shirt, seems to have inherited the demeanor of the men of that time. The lovers contemplate each other and continue their stroll. The old ochre stones on this panorama with evanescent luminosity offer a shelter to their kisses and their bursts of laughter. A sublime photo session.

The last minutes of this session...

It is the end of a prelude, of an extraordinary photo session at the edge of the Lake of Salagou. The magic of the lake goes away while the feelings of Marion and Tom continue to bloom.

Would you like to have a photo session at the Salagou Lake?

I will be happy to photograph you there! Contact me

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Typh Barrow’s amazing and intimist performance in Binche


A stunning Belgian artist !

Some pictures about the concert of Typh Barrow, a belgian singer. This concert was intimiste and so beautiful. She gives us a lot of emotions. She created a surprise guest because another singer and violinist came on the stage : Pavel Paul. These are some pictures about this beautiful evening in Binche !

Here are the most beautiful moments of the evening captured!



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